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Delia Gavrilescu

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My name is Delia Gavrilescu and I am a life coach passionate about ongoing learning and women empowerment.
My expertise includes training on Emotional Intelligence certified by Daniel Goleman Emotional Intelligence Courses:

– Foundational Skills of Emotional Intelligence
–  Relational Skills of Emotional Intelligence

I have also successfully conducted career coaching for women within the framework of Sommer Foundation. To place women, to make them strong, to make their potential visible, delights me again and again. In this way I create a balance in a leadership world that is still dominated by men. By balancing the power relations between men and women in the context of leadership, powerful cooperation and holistic potential are promoted in companies. It is a win win situation for all involved! I am happy to accompany you!

I have also graduated from Yale School of Management “Women’s Leadership Program” and have foundational training on NLP and Positive Intelligence.
My knowledge is focused on supporting women in boosting their feminine leadership by:

  • Values driven leadership
  • Build emotional self awareness
  • Develop emotional self management
  • Identifying of the top saboteurs
  • Improve conflict management skills
  • Raise social awareness by building empathy and organizational awareness
  • Build adaptability and grow focus capability
  • Learn how to raise ecological boundaries

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